dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Resultat du GP du Portugal / Portugal GP results

Deuxième tour de la course d'Estoril/ Estoril second lap

From HONDA Racing
Shoya Tomizawa, Team CIP Honda: DNF. “Most of the people who were crashing were losing the front, so I was trying to be careful. The bike was working well, but suddenly it threw me off when I got on the gas.”

Valentin Debise, Team CIP Honda: 13th. “I got a good start but got boxed in through the first turn, which lost me a few places. After that I managed to pass a few guys and then I won a few more positions with other riders crashing. Today I equalled my best GP finish, so I am quite happy about that.”

Belle course de Valentin qui termine 13ème, encore des points.
Strong race for Valentin scoring 3 more points in 13th position.

Shoya a malheureusement chuté alors qu'il venait de ravir la 10ème place a Karel Abraham.
Shoya crash out as he was trying to get into the top ten.

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