dimanche 16 août 2009

Les deux pilotes du CIPMOTO a Ales dans le Gard, Shoya Tomizawa et Valentin Debise dans les points en République Tchèque

Today was a great day for Team CIP Honda, the French outfit getting both its riders in the points for the first time, Shoya Tomizawa (Team CIP Honda) in 13th and Valentin Debise (Team CIP Honda) in 15th. Tomizawa showed his talent once more with a spirited ride for his third consecutive points score. The Brno first-timer only had two and a half hours of practice here after losing time yesterday morning following a crash. He made a steady start, slightly unnerved by a first corner crash involving Thomas Luthi (Aprilia) and Karel Abraham (Aprilia).

Valentin Debise (Team CIP Honda) scored the last point in 15th place after overcoming Axel Pons (Aprilia) on the final lap. Like Tomizawa, this was Debise’s first race at Brno. The Frenchman struggled in the early stages of the race before getting into a good rhythm. This was his third World Championship score of the season.

チームCIP Hondaの素晴らしい一日:  富沢祥也13位、Valentin Debise 15位。
フランスのチームCIP Hondaは、今季初めて二人のライダーの同時入賞を実現した。
決勝は良いスタートをきり、Thomas Luthi (Aprilia) と Karel Abraham (Aprilia)が絡む

Valentin Debiseは、最終ラップでAxel Pons (Aprilia)を追越しポイント圏内の15位入賞。

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Shoya rode a steady race to secure 3 more points to his credit.

Souffrant un peu de la chaleur Shoya a roule en solitaire et marque 3 points supplémentaires.

Valentin en route pour le point de la quinzième place, c'est la troisième fois cette année que Valentin marque des points.
Valentin on his way for 15th position and adding 1 more point to his credit.

Valentin a la poursuite d'Axel Pons pour le point de la quinzieme place.
Chasing Axel Pons for the 15th position.
Axel Ponsとの15位争い

Bon résultat d'ensemble pour les deux pilotes du CIPMOTO a Brno, Shoya Tomizawa et Valentin Debise respectivement 13ème et 15ème, c'est la première fois que les deux pilotes marquent des points lors de la même épreuve.
Good overall result for the CIPMOTO Team with Shoya in 13th position and Valentin 15th.
It was a hard race with 28°c air temperature and 48°c ground temperature but both riders fight hard and finish within the top 15th scoring points for the first time during the same event.